The Leovegas Casino Extravaganza Continues Online

Free spins

I had an incredible amount of fun at the Leovegas Casino and using their 100 freespins special to win about $150 my first time visiting. I was itching to go back for a visit to Las Vegas, but I could not swing time for another road trip living in Colorado. The price of the Griffon Hotel did not do me any favors. I will surely book a different hotel next time I am there or at least look for a deal. The Griffon was a lovely hotel, but I could not swing $200 per night on a consistent basis for my travels. That is definitely out of my comfort range on a hotel rate. Anyway, I was scrolling through my Facebook feed on my phone when an app popped up for Leovegas Casino fun wherever you go. I could not believe in just a few weeks after their grand opening that they had their own online casino and app. Facebook must have known that I had gone to the grand opening since I saw the online ad several more times on my newsfeed while I scrolled down. I could not resist clicking the ad and checking out what their online store was all about. Low and behold they were using the same freespins special to kick off their online casino. However, this time it was a 1,000 freespins special and I was speechless. I downloaded the app, created an account with the casino, and began taking advantage of the special immediately. I did not have to go to work for another four hours so I knew I had plenty of time to kill. Leovegas casino

Just like their physical location in Las Vegas, the LeoVegas Casino featured a vast array of different slots to play. I think they had about 100 or so different slot games to play, but I did not count. I saw that they had the pirate themed game that I loved so much at their physical location, and I got hooked on it again for a while. I used over 300 of my freespins on the pirate slot game. The pirate slot game was a lot of fun, but I decided to try out some others as well since I had 1,000 freespins to use. My winnings were small once I used them all (only about $10), but the games were so addicting. After I finished using the freespins, there were 3 packages of spins to purchase on the online store. One was for 1,000 spins, one was for 10,000 spins, and one was for 100,000 spins. I did not want to go completely overboard so I went with the middle option and purchased 10,000 spins. I did not know what to expect with my winnings since I only won about $10 with 1,000 spins, but I figured a one-time purchase would not hurt.

Leovegas casinoIt was finally time to leave for work and as I left I bumped into my neighbor Mr. Sherway. I knew Mr. Sherway was a bit of a gambling man himself, but he had been out of town for about a month. I did not know exactly where all he went, but I knew he was traveling throughout Europe the past month. Maybe he was exploring different casinos in Europe and how they are operated. I told him all about the Leovegas Casino in Las Vegas, their freespins specials, and their online casino. He took a keen interest to it immediately and he asked me about a dozen questions about it. I regretted telling him at that point since I was likely going to be late for work. After I finished telling him about the casino, he asked if I wanted to take a weekend trip to Vegas sometime soon to play the slots together. He suggested that we stay at the Griffon Hotel and my mood instantly changed about the idea of going to Vegas with Mr. Sherway. There was no way I was going to the Griffon Hotel again, but I did not feel like explaining at the time. I simply told him that I had to get to work and I was going to be late if I did not. I told him I would think about the idea of us going to the Leovegas Casino together, but I was not sure I wanted to since I knew I could not use the freespins again. I did not want to fall into the trap of becoming a gambling addict whether gambling in person or online.     

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